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Data science will have a huge role in Supply chain decision making, organisations and individuals need to start early because the time to maturity is little longer than other management science

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We believe in the power of data. Our analytics solutions harness the vast amounts of data generated across the supply chain and transform it into meaningful insights. By applying statistical models, machine learning algorithms, and predictive analytics, we provide our clients with a clear understanding of their supply chain performance and identify areas for improvement.

We build very advanced, accurate and sustainable demand forecasting processes which are more than the just the single time results which are crucial for optimizing inventory levels, minimizing stockouts, and reducing costs.

We help businesses enhance their supplier management processes by assessing supplier performance, evaluating risks, and identifying opportunities for collaboration and improvement. By leveraging analytics, we enable proactive risk management, ensuring continuity of supply and minimizing disruptions.

Connect with us for an impact driven training programs

Our team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive experience in supply chain management and advanced analytics. They bring real-world insights into the training sessions, enabling participants to learn from the best in the field.

That’s why our training programs are highly customizable, tailored to address specific challenges and align with your business goals.

That’s why our training programs are highly customizable, tailored to address specific challenges and align with your business goals.

From advanced statistical modelling to machine learning algorithms, we provide comprehensive guidance on leveraging these tools to gain a competitive advantage.

Learning doesn’t end with the training sessions. We provide ongoing support to our participants, including access to a dedicated online forum, industry resources, and expert advice.

Our training services have garnered rave reviews from professionals across diverse industries.

Decision Trees

Engage with us for an impact driven supply chain consulting performance

Our team of expert analysts excels at transforming complex data sets into actionable insights. We leverage advanced analytics techniques to uncover hidden patterns, identify bottlenecks, and highlight opportunities for improvement.

We understand that every business is unique. That’s why we offer tailor-made analytics solutions to address your specific challenges and goals. Whether you need demand forecasting, inventory optimization, or supply network analytics, our team will develop a customized strategy that aligns with your objectives.

From predictive modelling and machine learning algorithms to real-time dashboards and visualization tools, we leverage the latest advancements in supply chain analytics to deliver accurate and actionable insights.

Our services are designed to grow with your business.. We provide flexible engagement models, ensuring you get the right level of support and analytics expertise at every stage of your growth.

Our clients have reported significant improvements in operational efficiency, cost reduction, inventory management, and customer satisfaction.

Consulting Services We Are Providing

Spend analytics

Take control of procurement processes to unlock cost savings with spend analytics services.

Forecasting & Inventory Analytics

Our services in demand forecasting and inventory analytics can help you reduce stockouts and excess inventory.

Vehicle Route Optimization

Our team offers vehicle route optimization services to improve logistics and delivery processes with advanced analytics.

Supply Chain Cost Optimisation

Our team offers advanced analytics, optimization techniques, and industry expertise to help you optimize supply chain and logistics costs.

Lean & Six Sigma

Our Lean and Six Sigma-based solutions can help you streamline your business processes, drive efficiency, and eliminate waste.

Supply Chain Dashboard & Data Visualisation

Our team offers Power BI services to help you visualize complex supply chain data and gain valuable insights for decision-making.

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Performance Improvement Guarantee

Inventory Reduction

Guarantee a specific percentage reduction in overall inventory levels while maintaining or improving service levels. This could include reducing excess or obsolete inventory, optimizing safety stock levels, or implementing just-in-time (JIT) strategies.

Accuracy of Demand Forecasting

Offer a performance guarantee on the accuracy of demand forecasting, ensuring that the forecasts closely align with actual customer demand, thereby minimizing forecasting errors and improving supply chain planning.

Carrying Cost Savings

Offer a guarantee on reducing inventory carrying costs by implementing efficient inventory management practices, such as reducing lead times, improving inventory turnover rates, and minimizing holding and storage costs.

Order Fulfilment Cycle Time

Guarantee a reduction in the time it takes to process and fulfil customer orders, improving overall order cycle times and customer satisfaction.

Fill Rate Improvement

Ensure an increase in the fill rate or the percentage of customer orders fulfilled from available inventory, reducing the number of unfulfilled orders and enhancing customer service levels.

Stockout Reduction

Ensure a decrease in stockouts or backorders by optimizing reorder points, improving demand forecasting accuracy, and implementing effective inventory replenishment strategies.

Data and Machine learning Capabilities

Logistic Regression

Logistic regression models the relationship between the input variables and the binary or categorical outcome using a logistic function. It is widely used for binary classification problems.

Decision Trees

Decision trees use a tree-like model to make decisions based on splitting the data into subsets at each node. They can handle both categorical and numerical features and are interpretable.

Random Forest

Random forest is an ensemble learning method that combines multiple decision trees to make predictions. It uses bootstrap aggregating and feature randomization to reduce overfitting and improve prediction accuracy.

Support Vector Machines (SVM)

SVM is a powerful algorithm for both binary and multi-class classification. It finds an optimal hyperplane that separates different classes with the maximum margin.

Naive Bayes

Naive Bayes algorithms are based on Bayes' theorem and assume that the features are conditionally independent. Despite this simplifying assumption, they often perform well and are computationally efficient.

K-Nearest Neighbors (KNN)

KNN is a non-parametric algorithm that assigns a new data point to the majority class of its k nearest neighbors in the feature space. It can handle both classification and regression tasks.

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By taking advantage of the courses and resources available, you can gain the skills you need to use supply chain analytics to improve your business.


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